About “High School Physics -Japanese Curriculum-“

(This article was translated from Japanese to English using DeepL.)
Hello! My name is Yukimura and I am the administrator of this website.

Physics is a really interesting subject, but many people are not good at it.
In order to break through this situation, we have launched this website.

Overview of this website and Main target audience

As the title says, I mainly write about “the contents of high school physics.
The intended audience is

・high school students who are currently studying physics in high school

・Junior high school students who are interested in physics and want to know the content of high school

・College students who feel the need for high school physics after entering college

・Working adults who want to relearn high school physics.

I would like to make three reminders about the content.

Notes: 1) Content is for Beginners.

There are many sites out there that explain high school physics, but I find many of them to be too difficult for beginning students.
Therefore, I would like to create a website that can be a reference for those who are really bad at physics and those who want to teach themselves from scratch!

If you are interested in more advanced information, you may want to visit other websites instead of this one.

Note (2): Little or no use of derivatives and integrals

Since this Website is intended for beginners, derivatives and integrals are used as little as possible.

Using derivatives and integrals in the early stages of learning physics can lead to confusion between being able to do calculations and understanding physics.
Physics without derivatives and integrals may seem a long way off. Nevertheless, in the first stages of learning physics, do not be distracted by the mathematical aspects and try to understand the phenomena.

Note 3) Read proper textbooks as well

Even if you think you have a clear picture after reading the article, that is not the goal. Rather, that is the start of learning physics.
Since this site is intended for beginners, some parts may lack rigor. So, in the end, please read a solid textbook to deepen your study.

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