Basic Physics【Waves】Article List

This is a list of articles in the field of waves studied in the Japanese high school curriculum.

Basic Physics【Waves】Article List

Lecture 1:Wave and Medium

Lecture 2:Period and Frequency

Lecture 3:Wave Speed Equation

Lecture 4:y-x Graph of Wave

Lecture 5:y-t Graph of Wave

Lecture 6:How to Read Wave Graphs

Lecture 7:In-Phase and Anti-Phase

Lecture 8:Transverse Wave and Longitudinal Wave

Lecture 9:Graph of Longitudinal Wave

Lecture 10:Independence of Waves

Lecture 11:Principle of Superposition

Lecture 12:Reflection(Free-End and Fixed-End)

Lecture 13:Stationary Wave

Lecture 14:Three Factors of Sound

Lecture 15:Speed of Sound

Lecture 16:Beat

Lecture 17:Characteristic Vibration and Resonance

Lecture 18:Characteristic Vibration of String

Lecture 19:Characteristic Vibration of Air-Column(Open Tube)

Lecture 20:Characteristic Vibration of Air-Column(Closed Tube)

Appendix:Velocity of Medium

Appendix:Relation of y-x Graph and y-t Graph

Appendix:How to Draw Reflected Wave

Appendix:Open End Correction

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