Advanced Physics【Thermodynamics】Article List

This is a list of articles in the field of thermodynamics studied in the Japanese high school curriculum.

Advanced Physics【Thermodynamics】Article List

Lecture 1:Ideal Gas and Real Gas

Lecture 2:Combined Gas Law

Lecture 3:Ideal Gas Law

Lecture 4:Kinetic Theory of Gases(1)

Lecture 5:Kinetic Theory of Gases(2)

Lecture 6:Kinetic Theory of Gases(3)

Lecture 7:Internal Energy and Temperature

Lecture 8:Conservation of Internal Energy

Lecture 9:P-V Work

Lecture 10:Isochoric Process

Lecture 11:Isobaric Process

Lecture 12:Isothermal Process

Lecture 13:Adiabatic Process

Lecture 14:Molar Specific Heat

Lecture 15:Summary of Thermodynamic Process

Appendix:Relation for Adiabatic Process

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