Advanced Physics【Electromagnetism】Article List

This is a list of articles in the field of electromagnetism studied in the Japanese high school curriculum.

Advanced Physics【Electromagnetism】Article List

Lecture 1:Electrostatic Induction and Dielectric Polarization

Lecture 2:Coulomb’s Law

Lecture 3:Electric Field

Lecture 4:Electric Field Lines

Lecture 5:Electric Potential Energy

Lecture 6:Electric Potential Due to a Point Charge

Lecture 7:Relation between Electric Field and Electric Potential

Lecture 8:Electric Field and Electric Potential inside an Object

Lecture 9:Gauss’ Law

Lecture 10:Properties of Capacitors

Lecture 11:Capacitance and Dielectric

Lecture 12:Energy Stored in a Capacitor

Lecture 13:Kirchhoff’s Law

Lecture 14:Capacitors in DC Circuits

Lecture 15:Semiconductor

Lecture 16:Diode

Lecture 17:Magnetic Field

Lecture 18:Magnetic Field Due to Current-Carrying Wire

Lecture 19:Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire

Lecture 20:Permeability and Magnetic Flux Density

Lecture 21:Magnetic Field Lines and Magnetic Flux

Lecture 22:Lorentz Force

Lecture 23:Motion of Electric Charges

Lecture 24:Electromagnetic Induction and Lenz’s Law

Lecture 25:Faraday’s Law of Induction

Lecture 26:Induced EMF in a Moving Conductor

Lecture 27:Induced EMF and Lorentz Force

Lecture 28:Self Induction

Lecture 29:Mutual Induction

Lecture 30:Energy Stored in an Inductor

Lecture 31:AC Generator

Lecture 32:RMS Value of AC Circuits

Lecture 33:Resistors in AC Circuits

Lecture 34:Inductors in AC Circuits

Lecture 35:Capacitors in AC Circuits

Lecture 36:Impedance and Phase Angle

Lecture 37:Series RLC Circuit

Lecture 38:Parallel RLC Circuit

Lecture 39:Electrical Resonance

Lecture 40:Electromagnetic Wave

Appendix:Gold Leaf Electroscope


Appendix:Combination of Capacitors

Appendix:Internal Resistance and EMF

Appendix:Non-Ohmic Resistor

Appendix:Motion of Free Electrons in Conductor

Appendix:Hall Effect

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