Advanced Physics【Mechanics】Article List

This is a list of articles in the field of mechanics studied in the Japanese high school curriculum.

Advanced Physics【Mechanics】Article List

Lecture 1:2-Dimensional and Vector

Lecture 2:Horizontally Launched Projectile

Lecture 3:Obliquely Launched Projectile

Lecture 4:Point Mass and Rigid Body

Lecture 5:Moment of Force

Lecture 6:Equilibrium of Rigid Body

Lecture 7:Center of Gravity

Lecture 8:Momentum

Lecture 9:Momentum and Impulse

Lecture 10:Law of Conservation of Momentun

Lecture 11:Coefficient of Restitution

Lecture 12:Basis of Circular Motion

Lecture 13:Centripetal Force

Lecture 14:Equation of Motion for Circular Motion

Lecture 15:Centrifugal Force

Lecture 16:Inertial force

Lecture 17:Harmonic Oscillation and Uniform Circular Motion

Lecture 18:Displacement,Velocity and Acceleration of Harmonic Oscillation

Lecture 19:Equation of Motion for Harmonic Oscillation

Lecture 20:Horizontal Spring Pendulum

Lecture 21:Simple pendulum

Lecture 22:Kepler’s Law

Lecture 23:Universal Gravitation

Lecture 24:Universal Gravitational Potential Energy

Lecture 25:Universal Gravitation and Motion

Appendix:Resistance and Motion

Appendix:Motion of the Center of Gravity

Appendix:Vertical Spring Pendulum

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