Advanced Physics【Old Quantum Theory】Article List

This is a list of articles in the field of old quantum theory studied in the Japanese high school curriculum.

Advanced Physics【Old Quantum Theory】Article List

Lecture 1:Photoelectric Effect

Lecture 2:Corpuscular Theory of Light

Lecture 3:Continuous X-Ray and Characteristic X-Ray

Lecture 4:X-Ray Diffraction

Lecture 5:Compton Scattering

Lecture 6:Wave-Particle Duality

Lecture 7:Discovery of the Electron

Lecture 8:Atomic Structure

Lecture 9:Bohr’s Atomic Model(Quantum Condition)

Lecture 10:Bohr’s Atomic Model(Energy Level)

Lecture 11:Atomic Nucleus Structure

Lecture 12:Types of Ionizing Radiation

Lecture 13:Radioactive Decay and Half-Life

Lecture 14:Mass-Energy Equivalence

Lecture 15:Nuclear Reaction and Nuclear Energy

Appendix:Experiments on the Photoelectric Effect

Appendix:Elementary Particle

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